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Too many cobwebs.

How often do you wipe the rafters in your unfinished basement or attic? Cobwebs from the eighties still swinging? Colonies of spiders dancing around gleefully? We highly reccomend a full wipe down and removal of cobwebs wherever they may be.

The rafters are way above us. Many feel as though its just a little dust. Some fear arachnids. Others just cannot be bothered. Cleaning your rafters and exposed attic wood is very important. Clearing cobwebs promotes better breathing and a good nights sleep.

Why are there so many webs? The webs provide nesting and baiting for food. The spiders constantly build nests to catch other insects or to raise young. While most spiders are harmless some are quite the opposite. Removing the other proverbial insects will decrease the presence of spiders as they would then have to search elsewhere for food. Removing the webs will also highly discourage the spiders as they are not fond of having their hard work destroyed.

Lets get a grip on our spider web and dust situation. It starts with buckets of cleaning solution hot water and rags.....Lets clean it up...


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