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Here at Junk Angels Moving And More, we try to keep things as easy as possible for our customers. That said, we've put together a short, easy to read Q&A of our policies. Please check them out below and feel free to reach out to us if you should have any questions! 

How do I book a service? 

You will first need to request to book. You can easily request to book a service through the following link: Please note that this is a REQUEST to book a service and does not indicate that the appointment/date & time is set in stone. Once our team reviews your request, we will confirm your date and time via email and put it on the calendar. Our calendar fills up quick and to avoid conflicts in schedule, we like to review all bookings before they're scheduled.

How does pricing work? 

We have a very easy pricing model that we follow for each service. Check out our booking page for details on what each service starts at per hour/per job. The best way to nail down an accurate price is for us to provide you with an estimate, whether it's via email/text or in-person. Estimates are always free and no obligation. PLEASE NOTE: "Starting at" indicates the base level charge for each service. This price increases and changes depending on the job and service. It seems that their has been some confusion in regards to this. Simply put, the "starting at" price might not be the price that your job will be quoted at. It all depends on the size and detail of your particular job.

What forms of payment do you accept? Are there any fees? 


We accept several different payment options: Cash, checks, all major credit cards and debit/bank cards. We do also accept some more modern forms of payment such as CashApp and Vemo. Please note: Should you be paying with a credit card, a 3% fee will be added to your service total. All other forms of payment (cash, check, Venmo, CashApp, etc etc) incur no fees. 

When is payment required?

For 99.9% of jobs, payment is made after the job is complete. We want to make sure you're satisfied with the work before any money is exchanged. For some larger jobs, we do require a deposit or 1/2 down before work can begin. 

Do you/are you allowed to accept tips? 

Yes! Tips are always appreciated, but NOT necessary by any means. We appreciate you supporting our business by utilizing our services and that is good enough for us! 

Something that wasn't in the "keep" pile or on the "keep" list might have been thrown out during my home clean out; What happens now? 


Junk Angels Moving And More cannot and will not, under any circumstance, be held liable for items that are missing or thrown out during home clean-outs. Unless the "keep" items are in a predetermined/designated area in a sealed box OR detailed on a tangible list in writing, we cannot be held responsible for items that get thrown out. We are not a sorting service, therefore we do not pick through every single item, box, cupboard, drawer, etc etc and ask you what goes and what doesn't. Jobs would take days to complete if that was the case and that is not how our company operates. We're a junk remover/hauler, not a sorter. All sorting should be done prior to your scheduled clean out. We rely on our customers (or representatives for our customers) to sort items before we begin work. We come in (most often with large shovels and trash cans/garbage bags), gather up all the items/trash/etc, throw it in the truck and haul it off to the dump. This is why it's imperative that items are sorted and we're given a list of what stays beforehand so that we know what goes and what doesn't. We do not reimburse, refund or replace items that get tossed during a clean out. Please make sure that you prioritize and itemize all items you want to keep before we clean out your home. Once the items go to the dump, they're gone. 

Where can I review you? 

We always appreciate Google reviews! These help push us up in Googles algorithm and help more customers find us. If you were happy with the service and our smiling faces, please feel free to drop us a Google review. It helps us tremendously! If you haven't used our services yet and are curious what other customers are saying, feel free to check us out here: Junk Angels Moving Google Reviews

I'm really embarrassed and ashamed about the condition of my home; A​re you going to judge me? 


Absolutely not. We treat every customer with the respect and privacy that we would want/expect for ourselves. We never judge our customers or clients on their living conditions. It's not our place. We are only there to help! Things happen and sometimes life can spin out of control. This can happen for a multitude of reasons, from health issues, financial struggles, family issues, etc etc. The aftershock of such issues can cause our homes to spin slightly out of control as well. And guess what? That's okay! It happens to the best of us. That's why we're here! There is nothing to be ashamed of. Every customers situation is unique and we never judge. Also, if you think your home is "bad", we've probably seen much worse. So, don't sweat it! 

My job was cancelled because I tried to punch one of your workers; Why? ​(Just kidding - No one has ever tried to punch one of our workers.... But just in case they did....)


Under Ohio Law, we reserve the right to refuse service and/or cancel jobs as we see fit. We understand that with some home clean-outs and moves, there is a certain level of attachment and emotions are often times running high. We're human too and we totally get that parting with certain things or leaving certain homes can be hard and we do our best to work through these emotions with our customers. However, if we feel that the customer/client is unreasonable, hostile/violent or deterring us from completing the job in a timeline manner, the job will be stopped/cancelled. 

I think I'm a hoarder and I'm having an extremely hard and emotional time parting with my items; Do you offer any counseling services to help me work through my attachment to my things so that I can live a more organized, clean and carefree life?

Attachment to items in our homes is very real and nothing to be ashamed of. We love our stuff and sometimes it can be so hard/heartbreaking to part with things. We totally understand. After a while however, it can become suffocating, hazardous and unhygienic to live among such large amounts of stuff. Unfortunately, we are not qualified or equipped to counsel you through those types of attachments, HOWEVER, we do have many many resources that we can share with you and counselors that we can connect you with that CAN help you. Please shoot us an email and we'll be happy to get you connected with someone and on the road to living a more organized and carefree life.  

One of my items was damaged during a move; What do I do? 

While we do our best to wrap items in moving blankets and other "shock absorbing" type materials to avoid damage during a move, in addition to strategically packing the truck, while very very rare, damage can happen from time to time. It's just the nature of the business. Most moving companies will lie to you and tell you that items in their care have NEVER been damaged; This is simply not true. Things happen and that's why we have insurance. We take these things very seriously so, should an item not be in the same condition that it was prior to the move, please shoot us an email ASAP with some pictures and we'll get you taken care of. 

I want to schedule a job a couple of months in advance; Can I do that?

You sure can! 

What precautions are you taking during Covid19 to keep your customers safe? 

We take the health and safety of our customers very seriously, especially since some of our most valued customers are elderly. Our staff is equipped with many forms of PPE (personal protection equipment) such as masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes among other things, not just for their safety, but for the safety of our customers and clients. All of our staff is subject to regular temperature checks and encouraged to wash their hands often. Our trucks are equipped with backup masks and hand sanitizer as well. We absolutely, under no circumstance, utilize any team members that are not feeling well. We provide sick days to our team members to utilize and ask them to self quarantine if they even think they've been exposed. We love our customers AND our staff and will do whatever it takes to keep them safe. 

Please feel free to reach out to us if you should have any additional questions! We are always happy to help.

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