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Hoarding: The Process

As a hoarder you will come to a point where you realize that you cannot handle it on your own. It’s an illness, a disorder. Like any illness or disorder you usually need intervention. Think about something like Diabetes. It is a disease that needs treatment from a medical professional. Hoarding really isn't that different. Reaching out to your primary doctor for a referral for mental health is such a good step in the right direction. It takes a village. But with proper therapy, support system, and a professional organizer; it is amazing the changes that can take place. 

Where to start. Grab a garbage bag and spend 15 minutes picking up what is only undeniably trash. Note where your anxiety level is during this process. S.U.D.S or Subjective Units of Distress can be used to measure those levels. When you throw out a piece of garbage in your home, where is your S.U.D.S? 1 being no difficulty or anxiety and 10 being your highest level of anxiety and extreme difficulty. This will create a baseline for you and your team to be able to understand your mindset and your needs within this disorder of Compulsive Hoarding. 

Call us today so we can become part of your team. 


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