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Hoarding, a Secret Not Worth Keeping

Hoarding. A some what societal taboo that few want to admit to. But the truth is that over 14 million people in the US are compulsive hoarders alone. A statistic that tells a different story from the many that hold their hoarding secrets. In the recent past many professionals weren't sure if hoarding was linked to obsessive compulsive disorder, but now we know that it very much is. Not all cases of course, but very many.

People hoard for many reasons. To fill a void,deal with grief, or in a lot of cases compulsion.

If you are a hoarder there is no reason to feel ashamed. You are not alone. Look at the statistic. 14 million people share in your struggle.

So here's the unfortunate truth, it's not always easy to stop. Beyond stopping, sometimes it's even hard to start the purge of the belongings that have engulfed your daily life.

Everyone and every case is different. You need to find not only your root cause, but also why purging is so darn difficult. Do you have an emotional attachment to your belongings? Or do you have a plan for every item? Some people hold on to things thinking they will use it in a project or need it for something in the future. Thats called instrumental hoarding.

The most important thing is setting your goals and constantly reiterating those goals. Remind yourself of what you want out of your life, and is all of this stuff really a part of that future?


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