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Hoarding | How Clearing The Clutter Will Improve Your Life

Being consumed by the collection of junk and clutter on a larger scale is a relatively modern concept, believe it or not. Think back to our ancient ancestors: They didn't have a supermarket or grocery store around every block or online shopping and malls on every corner. When life was a bit more simple, there was not hardly as many ways to collect excessive amounts of clutter and junk.

Feng Shui concepts suggests that there is vitality and a flow of energy called "Chi" or "Qi". The life force energy Chi or Qi needs to be able to move in abundance, freely in a space for it to help to promote happiness, prosperity and health. Junk and clutter creates a roadblock or obstruction and halts that flow.

Junk and clutter can be found in a multitude of places. A few super common causes of clutter are:

  • Clothing that you do not like or that does fit

  • Pantries & Refrigerators filled with expired or unpopular foods that your family just will not eat. Also food that negatively affects you.

  • Old Books that you do not plan on reading or reading again

  • Newspapers & Paper in general

  • Old Furniture

  • Old Broken Appliances

  • Handbags, Wallets, Scarfs & Sunglasses

  • Attics, Storage Units, Garages, Basements

The list goes on and on.

Now, we would just tell you to throw everything away! Donate what you could, up-cycle, recycle, store of safely deposit the rest and that's great! But, that is easier said than done for a lot of folks and most feel overwhelmed and emotional when even thinking about getting rid of old stuff. So, what is the good in all of that?

Well, purging old unwanted posessions can be a truly life-changing thing! You are probably asking how? Especially if the thought of going through your things and throwing away most of it. Well, here we have compiled our top 10 list of why living clutter free is so beneficial to you, your health, your family and your mind, body and soul!

1. More Productive Days

Less physical obstructions and junk in your way like piles of old newspapers, containers with no lids and clothes that do not fit, will give you so much more time to do productive things! Nothing is in your way and nothing can stop you!

2. You Will Get Rid Of That Anxious Feeling

Clutter is generally made of things that are either unfinished projects that you promised yourself you would finish, things that probably need to be taken care of that you did not or have not wanted to face / confront or, just plain old junk (usually junk!). All of that negative energy and messages coursing through your environment, stuffed closets, drawers, attics, basements and garages are just like bad memories being stuffed away instead of facing it head on and dealing with it in a mindful way.

3. You Will Be Free Of Stagnant Emotional Pond-Water

Let's face it: We have all had those moments when going through an attic box to find Christmas decorations, when we run across a gift from past a relationship / romance that you were trying forgot about. Now you have a rock in your stomach thinking about it, replaying the details. Essentially, things you are holding onto that you know are toxic and keeping you stuck in the past. Releasing those old bad memories in the form of throwing away the clutter will make you feel more present and free.

4. Helps To Shed Some Pounds!

It has been scientifically proven that excessive clutter contributes to excess weight gain. Our environments are an outward mirror of our internal life and mine. When you break free from the extra junk, some pounds tend to break free also! And who doesn't want to shed a couple pounds AND have better mental clarity for days to come? I know I do!

6. Let That Creativity Flourish

Shaking yourself free of all that stuff you do not want or need allows you to be open to the positive "life force". Creativity on a higher level is an expression of energy flowing through us without anything in the way (no obstructions). You will often hear creative folks (writers, dancers, singers, artists, etc) say they are "blocked" when they are unable to create freely. Clearing clutter is a surefire way to unblock.

6. Sharper Mental Focus

Countertops that are clear and spaces that are clutter-free are a great way to curate mental clarity. Think sharper and allow yourself to hone in on the important tasks you need to complete. Clutter = Confusion.

7. Allergy Relief

It is probably obvious but, stuff collects dust. An excess amount of stuff leaves you wide open for an array of different yucky stuff that you probably do not want around yourself, your home or your family.

  • Chemicals

  • Mites

  • Bugs

  • Pet Hair

  • Mold

and many other worst-case scenario organisms.

You will find that when the junk gets pitched, you will be able to breath better. Literally and figuratively.

8. Opportunities Abound

A reported effect of clearing out clutter is finding greater opportunities and.... MONEY. Who doesn't love more money? Raise your hands if you DO (you can't see me, but both my hands are up!). When you dig in deep to clearing the junk from your home, you will see more and more opportunities tugging at you and top of the opportunities presented to you, you will be better equipped to mentally handle them (see #6) and that is a beautiful thing!

9. Self Esteem Booster

Junk and clutter virtually attacks our daily self esteem with constant reminders of stuff we do not want or need to see. The worn out, the bad memories, the worn out, the crud that just drags you down in actual (but subtle) ways. Getting rid of all that unwanted stuff will bring you better, fuller self esteem and lift your spirits!

10. Be Happier

We saved the best for last.

When there is no junk looming in your environment - Piled, splayed out, shoved and stuffed to impede motion, you will feel exuberance, greater energy, lightness and most importantly - HAPPINESS.

If you are overdue for junk removal in Cleveland (or any other surrounding suburb!), you do not have to do this alone! give us a call today at 216-200-0494 or shoot us an email. Our crews are ready to help you live a fulfilled and clutter free life!

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